Incorporating unlimited creative spirit in each string, and each width of the obiage (a scarf-like piece of cloth that covers up the obimakura, or obi pillow, and keeps the upper part of the obi knot in place). The Ryukobo, as one of the few studios that consistently dyes their silk threads, creates designs and assembles the strings, has since its establishment, from here in Nihonbashi, crafted countless obijime (a string that is tied around the obi and through the knot) and obiage, giving added grace to the Kimono’s appearance.


If the kimono is one large blooming flower, the kimono accessories such as obijime and obiage can be seen as flowers blooming in the field. We choose seasonal colours like we were gathering flowers in the fields to create a single string. The obijime made by skilled craftsmen with ‘withered hands’ are rich in elasticity, and many of our customers have told us how pleased they are with how easy they are to tighten.


Skills cultivated while working on kumihimo (Japanese plaited cords) for a long time. Ryukobo also offers products that have evolved beyond the framework of Kimono, such as chairs, umbrellas and stationery, in hopes of letting more people know about the kumihimo technique.